In memory of Peter N.T. Wells CBE, FRS (1936-2017)

This conference is dedicated to the memory of our great friend Peter N. T. Wells, a true ultrasound pioneer and gentleman, who will be deeply missed for his friendship, his great learning, his infectious enthusiasm for ultrasound, and his unique sense of humour.

These pages report on the Artimino Conference on Medical Ultrasound which was held on June 11-14, 2017 in the beautiful villa of ARTIMINO, Italy! We are looking back at a very fruitful, meaningful, and enjoyable conference. Perfect discussion, perfect weather, and a perfect location! We have added the most beautiful pictures to the Photographs page. If you have any further pictures to share, please send to h.vos [at] erasmusmc.nl, and we’ll make sure to upload them to this website.

The Artimino Conference is a biennial highly interactive forum to discuss the hot topics in medical ultrasound. Also check out the webpages of the earlier editions to keep you thrilled:

2015 – http://www.artimino.dtu.dk/

2013 – http://artimino13.sri.utoronto.ca/

2011  –http://www.msdlab.dinfo.unifi.it/CMpro-v-p-39.html

If you would like to be added to the conference Email list for future (2019) editions, please inform the 2017 conference chair, Piero Tortoli (piero.tortoli[at]unifi.it). Urgent announcements for the 2017 Edition are  sent out to the currently known address list.

Through a generous grant from the US Office of Naval Research Global we had the possibility of sponsoring a number of Junior participants (PhD students and Young investigators) at exceptionally reduced registration rates.

It was our pleasure to welcome such extraordinary group of participants!

Piero & Hendrik

Organizing committee:

Chairmen: Piero Tortoli and Hendrik Vos

Local chairs: Stefano Ricci, Francesco Guidi, and Enrico Boni